Sidra Capital continues to fulfill its commitment towards its employees, stakeholders, and the society through initiating CSR initiatives with the aim of giving back to the community. Sidra Capital’s CSR strategy focuses on creating initiatives that ensure the future well-being of the community as well as for future generations.

Internal CSR involves motivating and educating employees to live a healthy life as well as giving them opportunities to engage and celebrate key milestones. In addition, Sidra Capital also engages in external CSR activities with the aim of creating awareness and educating the public on certain social and career-related topics.


Eid Celebration

Sidra Capital organized a celebration for employees returning from the Eid Al-Fitr holiday. The event included entertaining activities in a joyful atmosphere, aiming to encourage employee participation and foster a harmonious and positive work environment. Such initiatives contribute to enhancing work effectiveness and boosting productivity.

The National Saudi Day 93

Sidra Capital celebrated the National Saudi Day with its employees, wishing our Kingdom a happy 93rd Saudi National Day. We also organized a fun competition centered around Saudi history and geography.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Initiated knowledge-sharing sessions at Sidra Capital to enhance employee engagement and foster a culture of learning. Topics like “Credit Cards & Save Money Knowledge” and” Get the Best Out of Me “ empower employees to unlock a positive life through motivation and achieving the seemingly impossible.

The Founding Day 2023

Sidra Capital organized engaging and interactive activities for its employees to commemorate the Saudi founding day, paying tribute to the rich history and cultural heritage of the Kingdom.

Youth Empowerment Workshop

No Tobacco Day

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Sidra invited the employees and their families to join the World no Tobacco initiative. The aim was to create awareness and the activity lasted for two days. There was also a small clinic established and a showroom with all the equipment related to this event.

International Arabic Day

Sidra Capital celebrated the beauty of the Arabic language as we are always keen to seize this opportunity to increase knowledge about our primary language which is one of the richest in the world. In addition to enhance employee engagement and motivational activities.

Saudi National Day 92

Sidra Capital celebrated the National Saudi Day with their employees and wishes our Kingdom a happy 92nd Saudi National Day. And we did a new competition to enlighten the employees with valuable information focusing on the kingdom’s thriving economy and enhancing interaction and engagement between employees. 

Eid Celebration

Safeguarding the Environment

World Environment Day

World Blood Donor Day

Ramadan Celebration with the Orphans

World Food Safety Day

An internal educational and inspirational program aimed at increasing the staff’s awareness of how to shop for safe and nutritious foods while encouraging them to consume a healthy diet.

Saudi National Day 91

First Aid Workshop