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Advisory Services

What we do

Provision of financial advisory services tailormade for real estate development projects. We focus on Saudi based development projects as well as select regional and international markets.

We help developers and investors assess project viability vs alternative uses of capital, identify further avenues for project/counterparty due diligence, identify partners that can optimize key project characteristics and help developers and investors secure funding for their real estate projects.

Assist clients in achieving their business diversification and/or expansion objectives through provision of advisory services for:

  • Acquisitions: Buy side, sell side,
  • Divestitures: Businesses or assets
  • Mergers
  • JVs with technical partners

We leverage on our financial expertise to structure and execute transactions in a manner that best serves client objectives and maximizes valuation. We also leverage on industry expertise of partner consulting firms to initiate cost synergy and competitiveness analysis and modeling.

Offer financial advisory services aimed at solving the financial challenges that companies face. 

Keeping client objectives in mind, we explore possible financial optimization and restructuring tools that can be used to maximize shareholder value and business continuity.

Our advisory services span financial restructuring services, identifying optimal capital structure, portfolio review, financial diagnosis, as well as other relevant corporate finance services.